Hanging baskets of geraniums add color to any garden/landscape

Spring time garden planting starts mid-May in northern Ohio

Spring is finally here and we all get a bit anxious about our gardens and want to get going growing our vegetables and making our yards beautiful with annual flowers.But don’t be too hasty! 

The flower and vegetable garden beds are way too cold yet to plant anything outside. Stick your hand down in the soil; feel how cold it is. Proper planting season for northern Ohio is mid to late May.  Now is the time to start planning… maybe starting seeds indoors to be transplanted out when its finally warm enough for those seedlings to survive.  Visit local greenhouses in your area; ask the experts that have been growing and providing beautiful flowering plants and vegetable plants for home gardeners.

Refer to a garden calendar  to help you decide what and when to plant and how to care for your garden beds.

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