EPA proposes changes to Agricultural Worker Protection Standard

For the first time in more than 20 years, changes are being proposed for how the nation’s 2 million agricultural workers and families are protected when working with pesticides.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed revising its Agricultural Worker Protection Standard (WPS), which aims to reduce the risk of pesticide poisonings and injuries to agricultural workers and pesticide handlers. The proposal calls for increased and more frequent training, new record keeping, increased signage, new minimum age requirements, personal protective equipment changes and additional no entry buffer requirements. Click here for an easy-to-ready comparison guide of current and proposed changes.

Ohio Farm Bureau is taking a close look at how the proposed changes will affect the state’s producers, especially vegetable and produce growers.

“Worker and family safety always comes first. We just want to make sure the proposed rules are not overly burdensome or costly compared to the actual protections they provide,” said Yvonne Lesicko, OFBF’s senior director of state and national policy.

Tell us how the proposed rule will affect you

Ohio Farm Bureau needs to know how these proposed changes will affect your farming, notification and training practices. The comment period on proposed WPS changes ends June 17. Contact Lesicko at [email protected] or 614-246-8278 to provide your much needed input.