Get Involved! It’s Policy Development Time

Each year the county Farm Bureau asks for input from our members, from ag-related organizations and other influencers  to help develop policy positions that have an impact on agriculture, which in turn serve as the basis for programming and political action throughout the year. 

“One in seven is employed somewhere along the agriculture food spectrum, and seven in seven people eat food, so our policy choices affect everyone,” indicated Julia Murphy, policy development chair for Cuyahoga Farm Bureau. “The policy development process is a grassroots process. We hope you will take a moment to help identify important issues, especially if they relate to agriculture on a county or statewide level.”

This online response form  will collect your issue or concern, desired result and suggestion on how the County Farm Bureau might work to affect a desired resolution.  Or print and mail the policy form provided.  Deadline for policy submissions is June 15, 2014.



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