Who, not what

Lately, when writing a news release or talking to a radio reporter, I find myself adding a phrase to our name. I’ve taken to preceding “Farm Bureau” with “the members of.”

Just as most folks are now disconnected from farming, they’re unfamiliar with who our organization is. Notice I said who, not what. Farm Bureau isn’t something; we’re a bunch of somebodies.

That’s an insight often lacking when we’re talked about in the media. Farm Bureau isn’t some abstract institution. Farm Bureau is you, your neighbors and friends who decide what your organization believes and how you intend to act on those beliefs.

It made my day to read reporter Teresa Salizzoni’s story in the Logan Daily News about the Hocking County Farm Bureau’s policy development meeting. It gave an all-too-rare glimpse into who Farm Bureau is and how we do things.

And yes, as a staff member, I feel privileged to use the word “we.” Whether in the counties or state office, Farm Bureau employees are proud to contribute to the causes deemed important by our members.

Congrats to Hocking County and its organization director Ashley Schappacher for putting on a great meeting and helping show the world how the members of Farm Bureau engage their communities and get things done!