Summer Intern, Tricia Schoen

The Sandusky County Farm Bureau is pleased to announce that our Intern is in place for the summer.

Tricia Schoen, Bellevue, will enter her second year at Ohio State University where she majors in Agriscience Education with the hopes of becoming a high school educator.

Agriculture is very important in Tricia’s family. She and her family live on a small farm where they raise goats, chickens, ducks, geese, and pumpkins. Tricia’s parents are big supporters of agriculture and help to keep the small farm running. Her older brother Tanner is a senior at OSU majoring in Agriscience Education and her little brother Tate hopes to work in the poultry industry one day.

“Knowing the support Farm Bureau gives to the entire state of Ohio, I am excited to see what this summer brings and what I can learn about the counties and the people who are proud to be a part of them.”

Welcome, Tricia!

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