Strawberries 101 – June 21 – Let’s Jam!

The Lucas County Farm Bureau invites the Sandusky County Farm Bureau members to attend the “Strawberries 101 Propagation to Jam Making” event on Saturday, June 21. The day begins at 1 pm at Stevens Gardens in Monclova. Participants will learn the ins and outs of strawberry production from second generation producers at Stevens Gardens. They will discuss what is needed to start, care for and maintain your own strawberry patch and what to do with your crop. All registrants will learn about and participate in the art of strawberry jam making in the Garden’s onsite cabin. A tour of the gardens, greenhouse and business are also included. The cost is free and the event is open to the public, however, we ask that you register in advance by June 18. To register, please contact the Farm Bureau at 800-333-8015 or [email protected]


Stevens Gardens is located at 4550 Weckerly Road Monclova, OH 43542.

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