Comments from Board President, Dean Schiller

Hello everyone! I hope by the time you read this there is warmer weather and the crops are being planted. With summer coming around the corner so is fair season, if you get a chance take some time and go see the kids projects. They have worked hard on them. Why not take a nonfarmer with you to the fair to show where their food comes from.

Thank you for being a member, with your membership we are the voice of agriculture in the County, State and United States. If anyone has a policy they would like to submit, please call or write the office with your suggestions.

Recently, at the Legislative luncheon we hosted, we heard about the drug problem we have in our county.  We want to work with our County Sheriff to help combat this ever increasing crisis we are facing.  See the letter from the Sherriff on page 11.

In closing, make sure you all display your $2,500 reward signs, if you need a new one you can get them at the office.

I hope you all have a safe spring and summer.

Dean Schiller, Jr.

President, Ottawa County Farm Bureau



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