COA Corner – Vickie Runyon

Vickie Runyon has worked for the Farm Bureau since 2002 as the County Office Administrator.  During her time at the Farm Bureau she has seen the local Farm Bureau office move from Luckey to Woodville  and move from a three county office to a four county office with a variety of different organization directors over the years.

A native of Wood County, she has lived in Weston, North Baltimore and Pemberville.  Vickie has a son Jamie and a grandson Dominick.  Vickie along with her significant other Charlie enjoy living on the farm with their goats, llama, sheep, chickens, turkeys and cats.

An active participant in the Pemberville-Freedom Area Historical Society; Vickie spends a good deal of her time helping with their fund raising and cooking for different projects along with being their treasurer.

Vickie was raised on the farm family with her granddad and uncle both farming the land.  Her brother Gary still maintains the family farm which will soon be a Century Farm.  The Farm Bureau has been a perfect fit for Vickie and she truly enjoys her contact with the farmers.

Vickie Runyon, County Office Administrator