USDA’s Extended Grant Deadline Will Help More Farmers “Go Solar”

More and more innovative Ohio farmers are plugging into the sun these days, adopting the latest solar technology to power their farms.  By generating their own electricity, those farmers drastically reduce – or even eliminate – their monthly electricity costs.

In many cases, farmers receive grants from USDA to invest in their solar power systems, along with significant tax incentives that are available for going solar.

Those grants are through the “Rural Energy for America Program” (REAP).  This week, USDA extended its application deadline for REAP grants until July 7th.

Ecojiva Solar, which has so far developed 104 turn-key solar power systems for farmers, also writes its customers’ REAP-grant proposals.  And the company boasts a 100% success rate for last year, having secured grants for all twelve of its 2013 farmer-customers.

Ecojiva has been especially active in this region lately.  In Seneca County, the company developed a 50-kilowatt rooftop solar system for Steyer Seeds last fall, and it will soon install a 44-kilowatt system at Scherger Farms.

For Farm Bureau members in this region, Ecojiva will waive its usual grant-writing fee (normally $1,200 and up).


For information on solar power and USDA grants, contact Jess Ennis, Ecojiva Sales Director, at 330.835.7704 or at [email protected]

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