Favorite Summer Smells, by Kathy Smith

There are lots of wonderful things about summer. After our extremely cold, never-ending winter, the warmer temperatures are number one for most of us. But there are also many special smells that are unique to summer. Here are some of my favorites.

  1. There is nothing that says summer like the smell of newly mowed hay.  It is such a special scent that there is just nothing like it. And the smell of mowed grass is not the same; pleasant, but not the same. The combination of native blue grass, timothy and orchard grass make an aroma that is so distinctive. I’m sure some farmers could tell you if there was alfalfa or trefoil in the hay also. The smell of hay reminds me of growing up on a farm and so has memories attached to it. Yes, there are also the memories of being hot and thirsty and so sweaty that every piece of hay chaff stuck to you as you worked stacking hay on the wagons, but the pleasant hay smell overrides the hot, scratchy feeling every time.
  2. Dirt is the next smell of summer that is a favorite of mine. Whether it is in the garden or the field, it just has a very pleasant summer-like aroma. As a kid, helping plant the garden in bare feet and smelling the fresh dirt was so much fun. Having to weed the green bean rows later was not nearly as much fun. Those rows seem to stretch forever!
  3. Flowers are the next wonderful, smelly thing about summer.  My favorites are peonies, mock orange, and Lily of the Valley, It’s a pleasure to walk by the flower beds and sniff. Our daughter lived in a home in Columbus several years ago that had a huge Lily of the Valley bed outside her husband’s home office window.  He couldn’t believe how good the flowers smelled while he worked.
  4. One of the best smells of summer has to be grilling. It can be steak, hot dogs, hamburgers, vegetable packets or whatever, but driving by when someone is grilling supper or in your own back yard, you just can’t beat the smell of food cooking on the grill.
  5. The smell of tomato plants is my next favorite summer thing. Several people have said that I’m strange since it is not a particularly pleasant smell but I love it! We’re all different and have unique likes and dislikes and tomato plants happen to be a real favorite of mine.
  6. Then there’s honey. I love the smell of honey! Depending on what flowers were used to make the honey, there are many combinations of smells that usually make up honey. It is such a warm, sticky, sweet summer smell.
  7. Finally, my husband’s favorite summer smell is fruit salad. It can be any combination of fruit but absolutely has to contain watermelon. Of course he eats it but enjoys the aroma of every single bite so he says. He never seems to get tired of it.

    Well, that’s my favorite summer smells list. I’m sure there are lots more. What’s on your list?

    Kathy Smith is a farm wife from Wayne Township. She writes for the Ashtabula County Farm Bureau.