Representative Dovilla supports Ohio’s beekeepers

Representatives Dovilla and Pelanda Announce Passage of Legislation Supporting Ohio’s Beekeepers


COLUMBUS—State Representatives Mike Dovilla (R-Berea) and Dorthy Pelanda (R-Marysville) today applauded the unanimous passage of House Bill 474, legislation designed to support Ohio’s beekeepers through the creation of the Ohio State Beekeepers Association license plate fund. 


“I am gratified by the scores of Ohio small business owners and beekeepers who have testified in support of this bill,” said Dovilla.  “Agriculture is Ohio’s number one industry, and our state’s beekeepers play a vital role in crop development.  Cuyahoga County, and greater Cleveland in particular have some of the most active beekeepers and associations in our state who work to educate future beekeepers.”


The license plate fund established in House Bill 474 is designed to assist in promoting beekeeping, providing educational information about beekeeping, and supporting state and local beekeeping programs and research.


“An estimated 30 percent of the food that North Americans consume is produced from bee-pollinated plant life.  Bees also pollinate the food consumed by cattle, thus making ‘apiculture’ a critical component to our meat and dairy industries,” said Rep. Pelanda.  “However, our American beekeeping industry has been suffering from changing weather patterns and colony collapse disorder.  The beekeeper license plate is a means of recognizing the importance of this industry to our economy, and to our daily sustenance.”


Ohio has almost 4,400 registered beekeepers supervising more than 37,000 colonies across the state.


House Bill 474 will now head to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.

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