The Ashtabula County Farm Bureau Barn Quilt design.

Ashtabula County Farm Bureau Barn Quilt

Lynn Frank, an Ashtabula County Farm Bureau board trustee, has been busy working with the Barn Quilts Ashtabula County project and has just shared the Ashtabula County Farm Bureau Barn Quilt.  There is an interesting story attached to our Barn Quilt and how it was decided where it would be permanently displayed.  When the Ashtabula County Farm Bureau Board of Trustees were agreeing to participate in the program, Joe Bodnar, one of our trustees, who unexpectedly passed away this year, pointed at Lynn and said, “Our barn quilt needs to hang on the barn at the Ashtabula County Fairgrounds that houses the manure pit, because everyone passing by on Poplar Street will see it!”  That is the very location that will become the home to the Ashtabula County Farm Bureau’s Barn Quilt. 

The quilt will be on display at our annual Ice Cream Social in July at the Antique Engine Grounds in Williamsfield.  After that, it will be placed at the fairgrounds just as Joe directed.  Lynn said the Farm Bureau logo will be attached to the center orange square as the final touch before the quilt is mounted on the barn.

If you are interested in the Barn Quilts project or have a location to display one, please visit their website at:

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