Starting a journey through AgriPOWER

As an undergraduate student at The University of Findlay, I am only beginning my career in agriculture. During the first session of AgriPOWER, I had the opportunity to meet my class, Class VI of Ohio Farm Bureau’s AgriPOWER. The class includes members from all aspects of Ohio agriculture. The first session gave me and the other members of the class a chance to network with agricultural professionals and to gain insight on our classmates’ views on the future of Ohio agriculture.

At the first AgriPOWER session, the class worked with John Torres from American Farm Bureau and discovered our individual strengths. Throughout the session, I learned the importance of capitalizing on your strengths and the importance of working toward your strengths and not focusing on your weakness.

During the session, we also learned about our personality and how to effectively work with others that have the same and conflicting personalities. Another topic of discussion was about emotions. The discussion included controlling, managing and recognizing our emotions. At the end of only the first session, I have learned what it takes to be a leader in the agricultural industry. I am excited to take this journey through AgriPOWER and Ohio Farm Bureau, and I can not wait to discover what AgriPOWER has to offer.