Butler County Local Foods Directory

From Terri Chatfield, FCS Program Assistant

Ohio State University Extension is very pleased to offer the first edition of our Butler County Local Foods Directory.   In response to the excitement of the growing local foods movement we wanted to make it easier for residents to find quality fresh local farm products grown and produced in Butler County.   

Hopefully this information will help you and your family purchase more fresh local foods from our growers.   Remember nothing tastes as good as locally grown fruit, veggies and locally raised meats.  I know our local growers and producers are very excited to see this information get out to the public and look forward to serving you as a buyer.   

If you find a phone number or email address associated with a grower you may contact the grower for information and purchasing arrangements.  So if you are not a veggie gardener and want to make home can salsa you can make arrangements to have fresh picked products to use for your home canning project. 

If you want your family eating locally raised meats call and make arrangements with the farmer to purchase his products.  This enables you to personally know who is growing your food.  There are a few artisans listed because these artists use Butler County products to create their wares.  

We will be updating this information regularly so be sure to contact us with new or changed information so we can keep current.  Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions at 513-887-3722.



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