Annual Meeting Fun Success

On Saturday, September 13, more than 130 Farm Bureau members enjoyed a wonderful meal and an evening of recognition at the Darke and Mercer Co. Farm Bureau Annual Meeting! After the meeting members shared great laughs listening to comedian Tim Bedore.


During the meeting were elections of board members, delegates for the 2015 OFBF Annual Meeting and proposed 2014-15 Policies. Elected onto the 2014-15 Board are Steve Zumberge for District #4 Jefferson & Washington Townships and Nikki Hawk for District #5 Gibson & Recovery Townships. Also, Ivo Post, Rita Schmitmeyer, Steve Zumberge, and Rick Uhlenhake were elected to attend the 2015 OFBF Annual Meeting along with Dennis Howick (automatic attendee as the county president). All of the proposed 2014-15 Policies passed.


Special thanks to Board members for setting up for the Annual Meeting, Jeff Wuebker and Mary Bergman for preparing the delicious meal, and comedian Tim Bedore for making us laugh the rest of the night. And thanks to all who came and enjoyed the evening with us!


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