Pictured: Left to right, Julie Wharton, President, Belmont County Farm Bureau and Lova and Jerry Ebbert.

Belmont County Annual Meeting Well Attended

President Julie Wharton conducted the Belmont County Farm Bureau annual meeting of members on Thursday, August 14, 2014, at Belmont Gymnasium, Belmont.  At this meeting the members voted on proposed policies and selected Trustees for the Board of Trustees as well as Delegates to the Ohio Farm Bureau 2015 Annual Meeting. 

Policy issues included opposing any increase in the Oil & Gas Severance tax as well as wildlife concerns, ATV laws, animal welfare, budget, illegal aliens, and Congressional spending. 

Organization Director Betsy Anderson presented the Glenna Cain Distinguished Service Award to Jerry and Lova Ebbert at the meeting.  They were recognized for their years of dedication to the organization. 

Organization Director, Betsy Anderson stated, “Farm Bureau depends on volunteers to accomplish our goals and policies.  Belmont County is very blessed with dedicated people to serve on their Board of Trustees and as membership marketers.” 

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