American Farm Bureau's Julie Ann Potts and Bob Stallman stopped by the Town Hall Ohio studio during a recent visit to Oh

American Farm Bureau leaders visit Ohio

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During an interview on Town Hall Ohio, Potts noted that AFBF’s advocacy efforts are expanding, increasingly including conversations with food and farming business executives.

“The folks in the food system who make decisions that can impact producers and our industry,” she explained.

A challenge, Stallman pointed out, is that large corporations focus their decisions on protecting their brand and shareholder value, not necessarily what farmers feel is best for agriculture.

“It’s our job to make the connection with those companies and point out to them their long-term best interests could be served by taking into consideration some other elements, maybe more than what they’re just being told by the activist groups,” he said.

In the policy arena, both agreed that political climate has grown more extreme.

“It’s been tough,” Potts said, adding that compromises on policy are few and far between.

Stallman agreed, noting “The problem will only be solved when the American people want it to be solved and vote accordingly.”

Hear the full interview with Stallman and Potts including their take on immigration reform and EPA regulations.

Photo by Amy Beth Graves

Lynn Snyder 

Lynn Snyder is senior director of communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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