State legislators hear Ohio Youth Capitol Challenge winners’ policy proposal

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October 14, 2014

COLUMBUS, Ohio (OFBF) – The winners of the Ohio Youth Capitol Challenge recently presented their policy proposal to local legislators and candidates running for state office.

Lydia Black, a junior at Milton-Union High School, Sarah Landis, a freshman at Sinclair Community College, and Kara Griffith, a freshman at Wilmington College, made their presentation Oct. 14 in Englewood. Attending were state Rep. Mike Henne, Sen. Bill Beagle and two candidates running for state office, Jeff Rezbeak and Niraj Antani.

Ohio Youth Capitol Challenge is a contest that brings together youths age 14-18 from around the state to discuss community issues and concerns and find ways to solve those issues through policies and programs. Sponsored by Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF), 4-H and FFA, the contest started in February with the final competition during the Ohio State Fair.

After winning the contest, the three students kept working on their proposal with a goal of having it first implemented in Montgomery County public schools and eventually statewide. They received a $500 grant from Montgomery County Farm Bureau, which adopted their policy during a meeting last month.

The students’ proposal is called “Project Levi: Farm to Food” in honor of fellow teammate Levi Montoya who was killed in an accident over the summer. The goal of their project is to teach third grade students that their food comes from farms and not grocery stores.

As part of their project, the students made a new version of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate graphic, which illustrates what percent vegetables, grains, fruits, protein and dairy should be part of a daily diet. Their version shows examples of animals or food that fall into each of the five categories. The posters would be displayed in school cafeterias or classrooms.

Another component of the project is to have college interns go into the classrooms and teach about agriculture. The students specifically chose third graders for their project, since this is the age youths can first join 4-H.

Cutline: From left: Sen. Bill Beagle, Sarah Landis, Lydia Black, Kara Griffith and Rep. Mike Henne.


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