Top ten harvest photos of the week

Harvest season is here for Ohio farmers. The wet weather this fall has been challenging for farmers trying to get out in their fields to harvest corn and soybeans, cut hay and plant cover crops and winter wheat but they are working on harvest every moment they can, day or night. Many farmers have been sharing photos on social media of harvest. Here are ten of our favorite posts this week. Have photos you want to share with other farmers across the state? Post them to our Facebook timeline or share on Instagram and Twitter using #OHharvest14.

Why not join Dad for supper when he can't come and eat with us.

A photo posted by Jennifer Brown (@ndjlbrown) on

Our newest neighbors are trying to beat the rain today too! #OHharvest14 #harvest14 #diggintaters #horsepower #amish

A photo posted by Tom Graham (@oaklawnfarms) on

How do you like them apples? #OHharvest14 #farmlife #harvest14 #ohiofarm #rurallife #ohioapples

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Supper time, Break time

A photo posted by Jennifer Brown (@ndjlbrown) on

Moving day #combine #oaklawnfarms #ohharvest14 #countryroad

A photo posted by Tom Graham (@oaklawnfarms) on

Bonus: Ohio Country Journal & Ohio Ag Net have been sharing their Cab Cam series with farmers from across Ohio. Here is a playlist of all of their Cab Cam videos.


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Callie Wells is the director of digital communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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