CAUV Update from OFBF State Trustee Lane Osswald

President Rita Beiser would like our members to know that we have heard from many of you regarding the large increases Butler County members will face on our January tax bills. It is the “perfect storm” here in Butler County with the reappraisals and CAUV increases, that may result in 150% – 190% increase for property owners. Rita, along with Gail Lierer and our Public Policy Team, have been in contact with our State Senator Bill Coley, along with our State Representatives Tim Derickson, Margy Conditt, Wes Retherford and our OFBF State Trustees. We hear your concerns and are working hard to make sure the right people are hearing them.

Attached is a letter from your OFBF State Trustee Lane Osswald with an update from the state board on this very important issues.




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