Protecting, improving agritourism

Testifying before the Senate Civil Justice Committee were Kari Burkey of Muskingum County, Jonathan Lohstroh of Madison County and Andy Lynd of Licking County. They explained how the bill’s passage would help them continue to offer agritourism activities for the public. Unfortunately, legislators did not act on the bill before the end of the year, and Ohio Farm Bureau plans to reintroduce it soon.

Excerpts from their testimony:

“Liability insurance for agritourism has been difficult for many people to obtain, and the measures in Senate Bill 334 help to lessen some of the unease an insurer may have in underwriting a u-pick operation.”

~ Andy Lynd


“The revisions to SB 334 will clarify that agritourism is not a disqualification from CAUV when it takes place on land that otherwise qualifies. Hopefully it will prevent the situation we had to endure and that could have ultimately ended our small business.”

~ Kari Burkey


“Senate Bill 334 will help ensure our family can continue to share our farm with the community. The proposed bill will help prevent us from being sued over factors we can’t control in a farm environment.”

~ Jonathan Lohstroh