Membership Mini-Kickoffs Planned for January-February

Gayle Hansen, Membership Chairman for the Cuyahoga County Farm Bureau, has planned a series of membership campaign mini-kickoffs so everyone interested in signing new members for the Farm Bureau organization has the opportunity to participate.  

“I wanted to be inclusive and engage more people in the campaign.  The saying goes ‘many hands make for light work’ and I know we can get the job done if more people are involved”, Hansen said. 

The first mini-kickoff was at the North Union Farmers Market annual ‘Time to Grow’ conference held on January 19, 2015. Fifty area farmers attended and given the Our Ohio magazine and provided membership information.

Additonal opportunities for membership campaign involvement are February 2 at the Cuyahoga Urban Farmer group meeting at the Ohio State University Extension -Cuyahoga office and at the Farm Bureau volunteer follow up kickoff and first check-in on Febuary 9.   “Everyone is welcome to join us at the follow up kickoff, just give the office a call for details and plan to join us at one of these activities,”  Hansen indicated.  “I will also be meeting with the Cuyahoga Tractor Club on February 11 to encourage participation in the membership campaign,” said Hansen, “and we will have a membership table at the used tack sale at the county fairgrounds on March 1, 2015.” 

If you are interested in learning how you can get involved in this annual membership campaign, contact the Farm Bureau office – 440-877-0706.  “We would love to have you join us and help us reach our goals,” Hansen said.  “If 25 people could get out there and sign up one new farmer or a person involved in an agriculture related occupation, we can meet our 45-day new active member campaign goal and be well on our way to a successful membership year”.



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