Accidental Death & Specific Loss Insurance

Did you know that with your Farm Bureau Membership, you received a limited Accidental Death and Dismemberment Policy? 

Special Risks Accident Coverage Farm Bureau members automatically receive a limited accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy. Maintain maximum benefits by renewing your membership before your expiration date.

Your policy starts at $1000 when you join Farm Bureau.  For each year that you renew your membership by your anniversary date, your policy increases to $5000, this policy will stay at $5000 if your membership remains in good standing.  If you lapse on your membership, the amount will go back to $1000. 

This is limited accident insurance.  It is an accident only policy.  It does not pay benefits for loss resulting from sickness, disease, or bodily infirmity.  Please read your certificate in detail.

A copy of the certificate is available by clicking here.

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