Wrap up of largest Young Ag Professionals event to date

Find a local Young Ag Professionals Group to get invovled with. Or contact your county to start your own!

Read YAP Advisory Committee chair Nathan Brown’s blog, recaping the event through his experiences.

Catch up on what you missed in this Facebook Photo Album.


This quick video gives you a snapshot of the last year of YAP activities.


Here are a few more photos from Farm and Dairy.

Also, read Farm and Dairy reporter Chris Kick’s blog about the conference.

The Peterson Farm Bros were a big hit as entertainment! A short clip in the Instagram video below. Check out more of the Peterson Bros videos on YouTube.

Working Farmer Style #YAP15

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A lot of people were sharing their experience on Twitter. Read Tweets from attendees at the conference.


Get to know the young people who organized this conference in these videos of the Young Ag Professionals Advisory Committee members on their farms.


Meet the 2014 Young Ag Professional contest winners.