AgriPOWER Class VI learns about local government, local agriculture

This session also included tours of The Andersons and Whitehouse Specialty Crops, a 4,000 square foot greenhouse tomato operation.


Read more about the session from Class VI members Kent Jorgensen and Roshelle Rowe

“I learned many new things but the most important point that I gleaned from all of the speakers was that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Government leaders pay the most attention to the issues that are presented to them the most. They cannot know what our concerns and needs are if we don’t communicate with them. We should all take the time to get to know our local leaders. By forming these relationships we can help local leaders address the issues important to agriculture and to our families.” ~ Kent Jorgensen is an agricultural attorney from Franklin County.

“This program is exceeding my expectations each and every time. There are so many areas I thought I had at least a little knowledge of, and AgriPOWER continues to broaden my horizons and introduce me to so much more than I had ever expected.” ~ Roshelle Rowe is a homemaker and farmer from Seneca County.


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