Each county that signs 15 NEW members by March 30 will earn $290 !!!!

Ohio Farm Bureau Offers NEW County Incentive for NEW Members!!!

15 NEW members between now and March 30, will earn your county $290!!!

All additional Individual Prizes are still available as well!

4 Wheeler Tickets (until March 30), Farm Signs, Jackets, etc.

The new goal for each county is 15 new members.

Because there is $25,000 still left in the incentive fund, each county can earn $290 ($25,000 divided by 86 county Farm Bureaus).

New members must be signed between March 17 and March 30

If you made the original 45-day goal and make this one as well, your county will have earned $790. If you didn’t make it, here’s your chance to add $290 to your county coffers.

For more information or questions: Phone: 740-425-3681 / 866-855-7190