April 7 Fertilizer Applicator Certification

Farmers are being encouraged to complete the requirements of Ohio’s Agricultural Fertilizer Applicator Certification Program.  Paulding County Farm Bureau is reminding farmers who apply commercial fertilizer to more than 50 acres that they are required to attend a training session to obtain certification. Ohio Farm Bureau’s goal is to have farmers in the Western Lake Erie Basin complete this requirement prior to spring planting.     

Ohio State University Extension is conducting a training session April 7 in Paulding County.  Registration is required.  For full details, visit http://pested.osu.edu/NutrientEducation/nutrienttraining.html 

To learn more about the law and who is subject to it, visit the homepage of the Ohio Department of Agriculture and click under Featured Programs. Farm Bureau is promoting fertilizer certification training as part of its $1 million Water Quality Action Plan aimed at protecting water resources and preserving food production. Ohio Farm Bureau is calling on other parties that contribute to water quality challenges to follow agriculture’s lead in working on solutions.

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