Rural Road Safety

Only you can prevent rural road accidents

The farmer was driving a tractor with a cultivator that extended about five feet across the center line of a rural, two-lane bridge. The biker was driving in the opposite lane and didn’t see the cultivator. He drove directly into its path — killing the rider instantly.

While this may seem like a rare situation, the National Safety Council estimates 15,000 collisions involving farm vehicles occur on U.S. roadways each year. And although only 19 percent of Americans live in rural areas, 55 percent of highway deaths occur on roads that are considered rural.That’s why Nationwide is launching a new Rural Road Safety campaign.

“Nationwide is taking a stance on this important issue to increase awareness around the risks of navigating large farm equipment on rural roads,” said Terrance Williams, president of Nationwide Agribusiness . “Our hope is to drive awareness of the safety procedures and common sense practices that can help everyone in these situations share the road safely.”

Here’s how you can help us keep our roads safe both today and in the future:

Check out Nationwide’s 10 Tips to Road Safety list.

View the collection of Public Service Announcements.

“Travel on America’s rural roadways has become more dangerous than ever,” Williams said. “But we believe there are so many things that are controllable on the part of the farmer and on the part of the general public. Together, we can help mitigate some of these accidents we see on a daily basis.” For more information about or to participate in Rural Road Safety, go to or follow Nationwide Agribusiness on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

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