What do AgriPOWER graduates say about it?

Considering applying for AgriPOWER Class VII? Applications are due April 17. Let recent graduates of Class VI convince you!

“AgriPOWER has been a wonderful opportunity for me to see how changes can be made on the national, state, and local level. I gained significant knowledge of the current issues, and was able to speak directly with governmental leaders who are dealing with many of these current issues. If you have ever wondered what more you can do for agriculture and your community, the AgriPOWER Institute is for you. AgriPOWER Institute has been a great springboard for me to become more involved in affecting change for agriculture, and can do the same for you.” ~ Kent Jorgensen, Powell.

“The most rewarding part of being a part of OFBF AgriPOWER VI were the friendships and connections I made. Being able to network with individuals from such diverse backgrounds has changed how I view agricultural issues. I now look at them from a “big picture” perspective, rather than only how it relates to my field.” ~ Jarred Black, Delaware. 

“The absolute best thing about AgriPOWER will be the people in your class! The networking, diverse perspectives and great discussions are truly rewarding. We started out as 19 peers and ended as friends. I am truly appreciative of this opportunity. I promise you – it is a great experience!” ~ Jenny Cox, Dresden.

“I got to meet the Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, Dr. Gregory Parham, Congressman Bob Gibbs, Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith French, and many more. This was a great opportunity to put faces on some of the men and women I elected and hear what they have to say about agriculture and share my opinions with them.” ~ Ben Richardson, Wooster

“Our learning was not limited to only local issues in AgriPOWER. The trip to Washington, D.C. brought our class into the world of national and international politics and agriculture. In order to lead, we have to truly understand all the forces at play, both domestically and internationally, and the D.C. trip provided us with some unique opportunities to use our speaking abilities.” ~ Christen Clemson, Johnston.

“AgriPOWER molds leaders of all ages. Because of this program, we can all benefit our respective communities and the state of Ohio. In today’s world, positive agriculture advocates are imperative for the future of the industry and our practices. Through the relationships built and the skills honed, AgriPOWER produces the advocates that are necessary to keep agriculture thriving.” ~ Ashley Culp, Genoa.

“Any program that allows you to eat lunch with Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is likely worth your time. Add in access to issues experts and networking with like-minded professionals, and you can be certain you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge and experience from your participation.” ~ Marlene Eick, Radnor.

“We were definitely good leaders before our AgriPOWER experience, but now we are more polished. We have learned more about agriculture than we knew before. We have learned to properly share our message, and we are ready to take on the world.” ~ Rebekah Headings, Plain City.

“AgriPOWER is a fabulous program for anyone of any age that has a passion or desire to be a voice in agriculture. It really is a ‘gateway to the future’ that Farm Bureau has put together for those that have this interest and want to better themselves along the way.” ~ Roshelle Rowe, Fostoria.

“The networking opportunity AgriPOWER has afforded me has been invaluable. I assumed that I would gain professional contacts through the program, particularly with the other 19 participants. Not only have I gained professional contacts with individuals in communications, finance, production, and a number of other areas within agriculture, I’ve also made genuine friends. As the program ends, I realize that the most valuable part of AgriPOWER is the people.” ~ Hannah Scott, Georgetown.

“Through AgriPOWER, I have gained true insight into government, policy issues and the diversity of agriculture in Ohio, nationally and globally. AgriPOWER has given me the opportunity to better myself as an individual and to be a spokesperson for the agricultural industry.” ~ Tom Somrack, Newbury.

“The personal growth along the way has been tremendous. From the personality assessments in the first session to putting it all together in the last, I have become more aware of my own strengths and weaknesses and how to recognize and utilize others’ strengths. Spokesperson training and social media how-to sessions have made me more confident in my ability to get my message out there and be heard.” ~ Kristy Watters, Winchester.

Applications for Class VII are due April 17.