Control energy costs with AEP’s farm energy efficiency program

Looking for ways to control energy costs on the farm? American Electric Power (AEP) is expanding its energy efficiency program for its Ohio agricultural customers.

Farmers who are making upgrades or changes to their facilities can work with AEP and their general contractor to make energy efficient choices that maximize energy savings, said Dale Arnold, Ohio Farm Bureau’s director of energy, utility and local government policy.

Some savings possibilities through AEP’s program include using efficient fluorescent or LED lights and daylight sensors, high efficiency HVAC, CO2 sensors for ventilation and high efficiency hot water heaters.

AEP has offered an energy efficiency program for residential and commercial customers for a number of years. As those programs developed, AEP began branching out to more specific customer groups.

Recognizing that farms can fall into both residential and commercial categories with a lot of unique energy uses and requirements, AEP began gathering data to better understand how farmers use electricity.

“Ohio Farm Bureau county leaders volunteered to have engineers visit their farms to study how they used electricity, and the data needed to develop an agriculture specific program was collected at these farms,” said Arnold, a member of AEP’s cooperative advisory board.

“Once we gathered the data and saw how different farmers used energy, AEP took a look at what energy efficiency programs it already had and established a subset of programs to help farmers control their energy costs,” he said.

The research and development process for creating on-farm options for the program took about two years, and the program have been approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.

Anytime a farmer is making upgrades or looking to reduce or better control energy costs, he or she can take advantage of this program, which is ongoing and has no deadline, Arnold said.

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