Ohio Farm Bureau makes new CAUV formula suggestions to tax department

During a special meeting of the Ohio Department of Taxation’s Agricultural Advisory Committee, Chad Endsley, Ohio Farm Bureau’s general counsel, and Leah Curtis, director of agricultural law, talked at length about their extensive research of CAUV and suggested further review by the tax department and advisory committee of other areas of the formula.

This included altering the method used to calculate the capitalization rate to a method that does not consider market real estate factors. Farm Bureau also raised concerns with tax officials about minimum values, treatment of conservation lands and woodlands and the current method of factoring an average millage rate into values, which negatively affects the most vulnerable farmland in areas threatened by development.

The County Auditors Association of Ohio and other groups said they supported the measures outlined by Ohio Farm Bureau. The tax department said Endsley and Curtis had a “very thorough presentation.” OFBF thanked the tax department for being responsive to the needs of Ohio’s farm community.

In this video, OFBF attorneys Chad Endsley, Leah Curtis and Amy Milam share some details about the CAUV formula changes.