AgriPOWER: Springboard to involvement, change

Recently the agricultural community has been on the forefront of many discussions and regulations on Ohio and beyond. Regulations on pesticides, biotechnology, nutrient run-off, and water quality are only a few of the issues that have surfaced in the past few years, and will likely only be the beginning of the changes that we will see in the future.

With all of the vast changes we have seen in recent years, there has never been a more crucial time to train leaders to champion the cause of agriculture. Agriculture needs more individuals who have a knowledge of the current issues, and a desire to affect change in their communities.

Ohio Farm Bureau’s AgriPOWER Institute provides the training and opportunities to allow individuals to develop the skills needed to become those leaders. AgriPOWER has been a wonderful opportunity for me to see how changes can be made on the national, state, and local level. I gained significant knowledge of the current issues, and was able to speak directly with governmental leaders who are dealing with many of these current issues.

If you have ever wondered what more you can do for agriculture and your community, the AgriPOWER Institute is for you. AgriPOWER Institute has been a great springboard for me to become more involved in affecting change for agriculture, and can do the same for you.

Jorgensen is an agricultural attorney specializing in helping farmers with business planning and farm succession. He is a Franklin County Farm Bureau member, Young Agricultural Professionals member and speaks at various events about agricultural law issues.

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