Intern Blog-Why Agriculture?

Growing up I always had a niche for getting my hands dirty and helping on my grandpa’s farm, but little did I know that I would someday put the knowledge my grandpa passed onto to me into a career.  I like to think of my farming background and knowledge as stepping-stones to a strong foundation of my impact on the agriculture industry.  At first it started out small, piece-by-piece being laid out, with work ethic and values being taught along the way.  Now, after nearly 20 years I believe I have built a strong foundation for my future in the agriculture industry, but like all great projects it is never done. 

Just like my foundation, agriculture has a resilient foundation built by the generation before us. I find this time of growth exciting for the agriculture industry and I find it even more exciting for my opportunity to aid our industry into future generations. Now more than ever the agriculture industry is under a public microscope from our society, and as an industry we must learn to pull together and build up the bridge of communication between agriculture science and the public.  I believe our industry is going into a time of such growth that we must focus on communicating, advocating, and educating so that we can full heartedly grow and feed a booming world.

After choosing my major at Wilmington in Animal Science and Ag communications I hope to activate my future and have an influence on driving our industry into succeeding through agriculture and animal science advancements. I have chosen to stand up for my passion and choose to stand up for my animal welfare beliefs and agriculture as a whole. I hope to make a difference in the animal industry and communicate with the public about our growing agricultural industry, and continually grow my passion through advocating for the future of animal agriculture as part of my career.

I want to earn a career towards making a difference in animals’ lives, society, farmers, and ultimately the agriculture industry for our world. Interning with Ohio Farm Bureau is the beginning of teaching me how to educate, advocate, and communicate with people in our industry and the public. I am looking forward to discovering what Farm Bureau has in store for me this summer, and I am excited to work with the local industry leaders. In many ways I chose to pursue my life through agriculture, but in many ways I believe agriculture chose me.


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