2015 Belmont County Proposed Code of Regulations

Building Community: A new membership model for Farm Bureau in Ohio.

This year, more Farm Bureau members will have the opportunity to experience the organization through a new membership category and supporter category. As a member of Belmont County Farm Bureau, you have the opportunity to vote on the upcoming changes that will be in effect in December.

Why did we adopt a new membership model?

Reaching out to more people to become members is challenging. Ohio Farm Bureau has lost 30,000 members since 2009 and has not had a dues increase since 2005. That has put a strain on the organization’s financial resources. Because traditional membership growth is challenging, Farm Bureau wants to engage more members and younger generations want different membership and engagement experiences.

Who developed these changes?

A 2014 statewide membership model study group met four times and introduced these new membership classes, which were approved by delegates at the 2014 Ohio Farm Bureau annual meeting:

Active Member: a person directly impacted by the health of the agricultural industry. County Farm Bureaus decide who fits this definition.

Community Member: An Ohio Farm Bureau mission supporter who does not fit the active member definition. A Community Member cannot vote but does receive all member benefits.

Youth Active Members: A person age 18-24 with full voting rights and receives all member benefits.

Our Ohio Supporter: A mission supporter.  No voting rights or access to member discounts. Receives Our Ohio magazine and select event invitations. This is a nonmember class.

What are the dues amount? Ohio Farm Bureau dues will be increasing from $46 to $60, as approved by delegates to the 2014 Ohio Farm Bureau annual meeting. In Belmont County, the current $60 membership dues is proposed to increase to $80 (this includes the $60 for Ohio Farm Bureau and $4 to American Farm Bureau) for active and community members.

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