Brochure available about state’s new nutrient application law, SB 1

Do you farm in the Western Lake Erie Basin? If you do, a new law went into effect earlier this month that changes how you apply nutrients. The purpose of Senate Bill 1 is to control algae growth in Lake Erie by reducing runoff of dissolved phosphorous from farm fields. It restricts the application of fertilizer and manure on frozen, snow-covered or saturated ground and under certain weather conditions in the Western Lake Erie Basin.

Ohio Farm Bureau supported SB 1 because it balances clean water and food production. OFBF worked with lawmakers and the governor’s office to secure funding in the state budget for programs that provide compliance assistance to farmers in the Western Lake Erie Basin.

OFBF has developed a brochure that details provisions of the new law, including what the guidelines and restrictions are for applying manure and fertilizer and what exemptions exist.

“Do you farm in the Western Lake Erie Basin” brochure