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Clean Lake Farming Tour – August 4, 2015

An on-the-farm view of working conservation practices – a tour of Clary Farms, LLC on Tuesday, Augsut 4, 2015  10 a.m. – 2 p.m.


Join us for a walking tour of nutrient and sediment reducing conservation practices that the Clary Family has installed on their farm.  This tour features the Clary In-Stream Sediment Collector designed by Dwight Clary that collects sediment eroding rom the upper watershed.  The tour will also review cover crops, drainage management structures, filter strips and windbreaks, an update of Lake Erie algal bloom and more! 

A bus will depart from the Colonnade Parking Lot (closed outlet mall on Route 25 and Mason Road in Avery) at 9:00 am.


Cost for Farm Bureau members is $5.00; non-members are welcome, cost $15.00.  A bar-b-que lunch is included!

To register, contact Amanda Denes-Diedrick  440-877-0706  or email: [email protected] [removed]// <![CDATA[
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Clary Farms is located at 8704 Co Rd 62 in Kansas, Ohio





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