Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation

12 Receive Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Foundation Scholarships

Scholarship winners for 2015 are Brooke Anderson of Xenia, Emily Bauman of Otway, Kristen Eisenhauer of Shiloh, Amy Jo Frost of Bloomingburg, Nicki Gordon-Coy of Carrollton, Brianna Gwirtz of Shelby, Rachel Hand of Lewis Center, Ella Grace Jackson of De Graff, Matthew Klopfenstein of Haviland, Abigale Motter of Mansfield, Amanda O’Reily of Middlefield, and Lindsay Overmyer of Fremont.

Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation Scholar Award

Frost, Motter and Overmyer are recipients of the Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation Scholar Award, which recognizes students for academic effort, community service and career interests that use agriculture to enhance the partnership between farmers and consumers. Frost is a 2009 graduate of Miami Trace High School, 2014 graduate of Ohio State University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in agricultural and extension education. Motter is a 2015 graduate of Crestview High School and will attend Ohio State University in the fall, studying animal science. Overmyer is a 2013 graduate of Fremont Ross High School and is currently attending Wilmington College.

“How can we build a strong relationship between the small number of farmers and our curious consumers? I believe collaboration, dynamic dialogue, and interactions are the keys. The public needs to be educated, but agriculturalists must determine and utilize the means for this to take place, as well as be open to what consumers want.” ~ Amy Jo Frost

“Cooperation between those who produce our food and those who eat it involves connecting on a values based level. Whether you live in a rural or urban area, chances are you’ve shopped at the same chain grocery store and share the same concerns when it comes to feeding your family. Discovering similarities and working together through urban agriculture and agricultural literacy programs will allow us to create a positive relationship.” ~ Abigale Motter

“We, as young agriculturalists need to be taking initiative. We are the next generation and we hat to start getting involved now to learn from the leaders of elder generations of how to lobby, and run organization efficiently.” ~ Lindsay Overmyer

Women’s Leadership in Agriculture Scholarship

Anderson, Gordon-Coy and O’Reily were honored by The Women’s Leadership in Agriculture Scholarship Program, which was established by the Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund, Fifth Third Bank, Trustee. The Fund is one of the oldest in the nation and supports academic institutions, social service and charitable organizations providing opportunities “to ennoble, to uplift and to strengthen the lives of young women.” Anderson is a 2015 graduate of Cedarville High School and will be attending Ohio State University in the fall. Gordon-Coy is a 2003 graduate of the University of Akron and is pursuing a master’s in agriculture integrated resource management from Colorado State University. O’Reily is a 2015 graduate of Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School.

“With only 2 percent of the country’s population living on a farm, the number of people in the industry who grew up rurally is shrinking. The industry needs “farm kids” and their hands-on experience throughout the entire process, from the farm to the research lab and on to the market.” ~ Brooke Anderson

“My goal is to make a positive impact on the agricultural industry so that it is a viable place of growth and prosperity for my children.” ~ Nicki Gordon-Coy

“I want to help others. I want to strengthen the relationships among American citizens. I want to use my strengths in math and science to benefit the ag community. With everyone working together, even my single voice can make a difference.” ~ Amanda O’Reily

Darwin Bryan Scholarship

Bauman, Eisenhauer and Klopfenstein are winners of the Darwin Bryan Scholarship. The program commemorates Darwin R. Bryan, whose enthusiastic leadership during his 37 years of service to the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation has been an inspiration to rural youth throughout Ohio. Bauman is a 2015 graduate of Ohio Valley Career and Technical Center, and will attend Ohio State University to study community and extension education and integrated language arts/english education. Eisenhauer is a graduate of Shelby Senior High School. Klopfenstein is a 2014 graduate of Wayne Trace High School and currently studying agricultural engineering at Ohio State University.

“Growing up on our family farm has given me a great foundation to build the rest of my life on.” ~ Emily Bauman

“Growing up in an agricultural environment taught me that to be successful in life you have to be willing to put countless hours into ay project that you undertake.” ~ Kristen Eisenhauer

“I discovered that when my purpose is to grow others, my own journey is lit stronger with more passion and meaning.” ~ Matthew Klopfenstein

Cindy Hollingshead Scholarship

Gwirtz, Hand and Jackson and are the winners of the Cindy Hollingshead Scholarship. The program was established in memory of Ohio Farm Bureau’s 39-year executive secretary who passed away in 2011. Hollingshead was instrumental in the development of Ohio Farm Bureau’s service to its members and a leader in her community. Gwirtz is a 2014 graduate of Shelby High School and is currently attending Ohio State Agricultural Technical Institute. Hand is a 2015 graduate of Olentangy High School and will attend Michigan State University in the fall. Jackson is a 2015 graduate of Riverside High School.

“I want to teach others good strategies to promote their farms and to promote agriculture. I believe that each and every farmers or agriculturalist should post pictures and stories about their operation online.” ~ Brianna Gwirtz

“By utilizing food science and technology, not only will we be able to keep produce fresh for extended periods of time due to inventive packaging, but we will also be able to help distribute a greater amount of food to a larger amount of people with minimal health risks.” ~ Rachel Hand

“As a dairy farmer, I will open up my farm to the community to allow a view of a farm that most people in urban and suburban areas have not been able to experience.” ~ Ella Grace Jackson

Families and individuals wishing to establish their own life gifts to enhance scholarships and service programs have the opportunity to become involved in the Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation Bequest Society. More information on these and other programs can be found online.