Farm Days Little Seeds, Big Tractors

This event is held at COSI, August 12-16. See farm equipment and other things pertaining to farming.

Here, you can learn about raising crops and livestock, climb into tractors and a combine, milk Daisy, COSI’s fiberglass cow, make seed necklaces, take a spin on a pedal tractor and talk with people who make farming their life.By increasing our knowledge of agriculture, we can make informed personal choices about diet, nutrition and health. So the next time you’re having pizza, think about where it really came from: Somewhere a farmer grew wheat that was milled into flour to make the crust. Another farmer grew tomatoes for the sauce. And the cheese came from a dairy farm that transformed cow’s milk into curds.

So come on down to COSI during “Farm Days” and make friends with a real farmer! This is free with COSI admission for membership. 

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