Special Briefing Explores Oil and Gas Royalty Issues

Energy leaseholders as well as interested community leaders are invited to attend a special briefing exploring how oil and gas royalties are determined. The program is sponsored by the Guernsey County Farm Bureau. The briefing will be held at Mid East Career Center, 57090 Vocational Rd., Senecaville, Ohio on Monday, August 10 at 7 p.m.  The program will be facilitated by Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) Director for Energy Services, Dale Arnold.  “Leaseholders are beginning to receive substantial royalty payments. Many want to know how complex payments are determined, as well as how potential payment errors and corrections are made on an ongoing basis. In short, they want to know how to better read their check stubs.”  During the course of the program, farmers and rural residents will explore current issues concerning access to more landowner-friendly data on how leases are determined, as well as what legal and audit procedures they need to consider as part of the process.  In December 2014 and 2015 delegates at the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Annual Meeting passed policy resolutions advocating leasor friendly royalty payment reports. These reports should identify quantities of resources obtained, identify contract delivery points that determine price, telemetry employed and contract hedging establishing prices short and long-term. All materials should be presented in easily readable databases that could be used for audits commissioned by leasors and appropriate government agencies. “Many folks in the counties have a number of questions and concerns.”  Kathi Albertson, Public Policy Chairperson for the Guernsey County Farm Bureau said.  “Our County Farm Bureau Public Policy Action Team is sponsoring this briefing to help local citizens discuss the issue. This is one of several programs sponsored by the organization to explore quality of life issues related to recent and local growth in the energy industry.” The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation is the state’s largest general farm organization, encompassing 87 county Farm Bureau organizations and over 225,000 member families statewide.  For more information contact the Guernsey County Farm Bureau at 740-425-3681.

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