Growing Our Generation: Diversified farming

Welcome to my issue of Growing Our Generation. I am Ron Burns, a row crop farmer running 175 acres, 80 owned, both conventional and organic practices in Union County, and also covering 100 acres of hay and straw ground with my brother. I work with my father on an equipment business he started at a young age; buying, repairing and selling equipment throughout North and South America. I also have seven feeder calves and a small flock of broilers and am still in the brainstorming stage of other practices to take on in order to capture local markets. I also work full-time off the farm for Farm Credit Mid-America as a financial officer, am the president of Union County Farm Bureau and a past member of the Young Ag Professionals state committee.

I was raised in a family of seven on a 1,500 acre row crop farm that’s active and growing every year, and the whole family still helps out. My sisters run the semis and move supplies field to field, my brother and I run tractors and Dad fixes everything we break if we can’t get it fixed before he finds out. Being raised on a family farm set a foundation of strong work ethic, respect for others, to live life with honesty and integrity and always make time for breakfast/lunch dates with your grandmother. Always appreciate following other farmers on Facebook & Instagram. Checkout few hashtags I use for farmers/non-farmers to follow our operation: #RBEQUIP #245Organic.

This blog is part of Burn’s turn as featured editors of the Growing Our Generation eletter. Read his full eletter or browse the archive of past issues.

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