Grain Storage Bins no longer hold a tax value.

Attention Preble County Agricultural Community

From the desk of Lavon Wright, Preble County Auditor

On July 15, 2015 the Ohio Supreme Court rendered a decision that grain storage bins no longer hold a taxable value. The bins that are modular and portable as opposed to silos, which are fixed structures, will be considered personal property and no longer will be taxed with your real estate. This is a significant change to the appraisal and assessment of these properties. The Ohio Supreme Court’s decision is somewhat vague and open ended. So out of 88 Counties in the State of Ohio this decision may end up getting handled 58 different ways. With much deliberation and consultation my decision is to remove all value off of any existing grain storage bin in the County. The items will still appear on your property record as personal property, and will carry zero taxable value to your property moving forward. This change is effective 1/1/2015, to be payable in 2016. Please take a moment to look at my website to verify your property information and if you see something you would like to question, or if we have made an error, please contact my office at 937-456-8131.  Thank You! Lavon Wright

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