Ag Education Day 2015 at Symmes Twp Park

Agricultural Education Day 2015 Symmes Township Park 11600 N. Lebanon Road Loveland, Ohio 45140 Friday, October 9, 2015.

On Friday, October 9th, almost 400 third grade students registered from 7 local schools descended upon Symmes Township Park to participate in a day of Agricultural Education learning.

Supported by Hamilton County Farm Bureau, Cincinnati Horticultural Society, Ohio State University Extension Master Gardeners, Hamilton County Environmental Services, Aeroponic Tower Gardens, Weaver Guild of Greater Cincinnati, Pawpaw Society, and Diamond Oaks Equine Sciences and Management Program; students spent equal time rotating through 10 hands on learning stations absorbing information about composting, soil sciences, poultry, horses, bees, wool and fiber, aeroponic plant growing, pawpaws, garden friends and foes and attended apple pie school where every students created, baked and were able to bring home their very own baked apple pie.

To augment the hands on experience printed educational materials where collected from the attending organizations and distributed in “teacher bags” for later classroom learning. 2015 Agricultural Education Station Supporters

1. Apple Pie School: Julie Singer/ Cincinnati Horticultural Society

2. Poultry: Lou Schindler/ Hamilton County Farm Bureau

3. Horses: Ann Frederick/ Hamilton County Farm Bureau

4. Garden Friends & Foes: Julie Crook/ OSU Extension Master Gardeners

5. Composting: Jenny Lohmann/ Hamilton County Environmental Services

6. Aeroponic Gardening: Meghan Fronduti / Aeroponic Tower Gardens

7. Soils: Gwen Roth/ Hamilton County Environmental Services

8. Wool & Fiber: Marian Herman/ Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati

9. Pawpaws: Ron Powell/ Pawpaw Society

10. Give Bees a Chance: Beth Harnist/ Hamilton County Farm Bureau





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