Get your ‘Yes, Yes, No’ state ballot sign now

County Farm Bureaus now have “Yes, Yes, No” yard signs and barn banners for members to put up on their properties to inform voters about the three issues on the November ballot.

Ohio Farm Bureau is urging Ohioans to vote Yes on State Issue 1, Yes on State Issue 2 and No on State Issue 3. All three issues deal with amending the state constitution, and Farm Bureau’s positions reflect policy established by its voting delegates.

Contact your county Farm Bureau to get a sign.

Issue 1: This initiative would change the process by which state legislative districts are drawn. Ohio Farm Bureau favors the change because it will establish a transparent process that encourages public input and bipartisan support for newly drawn districts and will require districts to be drawn to keep counties, municipalities and townships as intact as possible. It also will promote a more civil political process by making elections more competitive and encouraging candidates to appeal to a broader base of voters.

Issue 2: This ballot measure would limit the ability for wealthy special interests to manipulate the state constitution to create a monopoly, grant a commercial right or specify a tax rate for a person or group of persons. Ohio Farm Bureau believes the state constitution should be reserved for outlining specific freedoms and describing how Ohioans govern themselves.

Issue 3: This initiative would grant a small group of investors a monopoly on the commercial growing and selling of marijuana. The investors would profit from an industry estimated to be worth more than $1 billion. In July, Ohio Farm Bureau was among the first statewide groups to oppose its passage saying that the measure distorts Ohio’s Constitution, creates a monopoly that excludes average Ohioans and puts the state at odds with federal law.

#VoteYesYesNo signs and barn banners are being sent to all county Farm Bureau’s today! Contact them if you would like one!

Posted by Ohio Farm Bureau Federation on Wednesday, October 14, 2015