Exclusive Husted blog: Vote yes on Issue 1 to increase the value of your vote

Editor’s Note: Ohio Farm Bureau is urging Ohioans to vote Yes on State Issue 1, Yes on State Issue 2 and No on State Issue 3. As part of its “Yes, Yes, No” campaign, Farm Bureau is featuring guest bloggers who give you the insight you need when casting a vote Nov. 3.

By Secretary of State Jon Husted

By voting yes on State Issue 1, you will make the voice of the average voter stronger.

If you believe that partisan gerrymandering is bad for government, a YES vote on Issue 1 can change it.

If you believe that drawing legislative districts for public officials should be a transparent, public process and not done through back-room deals, then you’ll want to vote YES on Issue 1.

If you’ve grown weary of partisan fighting and would like to see some more bipartisan cooperation, Issue 1 can help.

A YES vote on Issue 1 creates a bipartisan, public process for drawing legislative districts that requires Republicans and Democrats to agree on district boundaries and keeps districts more compact and competitive.

If you’ve followed Ohio politics during the last 50 years then you know that both parties have unfairly taken advantage of the redistricting process and rigged the system for their own benefit. Regardless of your political affiliation, we can hopefully agree that political victories should be won because candidates work hard, have the best ideas and run the best campaigns and not because the district was drawn to favor one candidate over another.

This November, you have the chance to heal a broken political system by voting YES on Issue 1.

Watch this video to learn more about State Issue 1, which creates a bipartisan, public process for drawing legislative…

Posted by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted on Monday, October 5, 2015