Connecting farm to plate

by Taysha Reitzel

It amazes me that while living in a rural community, not everyone knows where their food comes from. Having had the amazing opportunity of raising livestock as a child and understanding that our food does not in fact come from a grocery store is something I took for granted as an adult. It has been a mission of mine to help connect consumers to those of us  who raise the tasty food they eat and find in the stores across America.

Last winter I had the opportunity to attend a blogger event sponsored by Ohio Pork Council which brought together bloggers across the state both with an agriculture background and those without. We created amazing freezer meals and talked all things food and answered those difficult questions that consumers have about the foods they eat.

I went home and quickly decided I wanted to do this on a local level. With the help of Farm Bureau, Ohio Pork Council and Ohio Cattlemen’s Association we put together a local farm to plate blogger party. Half of the attendees were livestock and grain producers and the other half were consumers with little ag knowledge. We had a registered dietician/nutritionist put together the freezer meal menu and we all got together and created delicious meals.

When you put a group of strangers together over food it doesn’t take long for conversation to begin. Many of those conversations were about organic versus conventional foods, GMOs and animal welfare. It was such a great opportunity to get these consumers in front of actual farmers instead of Google.

Everyone took away tons of new information, busted many myths about agriculture and had an abundance of meals to throw in the crock pot on the crazy weekdays. I encourage everyone to get involved and reach out in their communities. Don’t hesitate to share your story! People want to hear it!


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