Meet Athens-Meigs County President David Bright

My name is David Bright and I have been the Athens-Meigs Farm Bureau president for the past 10 years. I have lived in Athens County between Athens and Albany since 1977. I grew up on the family farm where dairy; beef, pork, hay, and grain production were practiced. We are still active in no-till crop production at the family farm in Clinton County, Ohio where corn, soybeans, and wheat are produced.

I’ve been asked why I farm. The simplest answer I can give is that growing up on a farm, you become a farmer, usually earlier than you want, but the business continues to grow within you. I enjoy the linkage and stewardship to the earth and challenging relationships with decisions related to weather, biology, chemistry, and their applications to fertility management, and weed and insect control. You have an opportunity for an annual sense of accomplishment or learn from less effective management decisions related to seed variety, planting dates and conditions, and marketing.

I truly enjoy being a part of the legacy of numerous generations which have shared the land. I am a member of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation because the number of actively participating families in agriculture continues to shrink to a smaller percentage of the American population. Non-farming families will continue to represent an increase in the leverage of the dominant opinion, be it less informed. We see fewer communicators dispersed in the general population to buffer less factual and more emotional issues that gain media attention. This challenge will continue become more paramount as time passes.

This is the key reason why I want to be a member and participate in the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation. The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation is THE VOICE for personal property rights, land and water stewardship, common-sense regulation alternatives, and truthful, science based knowledge related to agricultural production methods. We need to be more proactive from a local producers’ point of view….but we NEED the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation to communicate the proper positions and statements to the right people in a timely delivery.

If we are not successful, I fear the impact to farming as a way of life and the cost of food stuffs will continue to rise and become even less obtainable to the public.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities.