Growing Our Generation featured editors Matt and Morgan Aultman

Growing Our Generation: OCD and ADD – dealing with agriculture addiction

Hi, our names are Matt and Morgan Aultman and we have some problems. Matt has Agriculture Distraction Disorder (ADD) and Morgan had Obsessive Chicken Disorder (OCD) which has progressed into Obsessive Poultry Disorder (OPD) with the purchase of our Midget White Turkeys. They say that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem; we wouldn’t really call these a problem because with raising our two children it has provided many interesting opportunities for them to learn and grow. Sophia (almost 9) and William (6) have seen and been actively involved in projects that most children their age and many older could only think about.

One truly exciting aspect of agriculture is each spring you have a new slate to work with.  Unturned soil and rebirth after a harsh winter provides many opportunities, and here on our farm we try to add or try something new every year.  When we first married, many would classify us as traditional farmers: putting out row crops, making hay, and raising livestock. Over the years, we have diversified our production to include fruit trees, a couple raspberry patches, some grapes, pawpaws, bees, a small tunnel house to extend the growing season, maple syrup, sheep, calves, rabbits, midget white turkeys, pastured meat chickens, laying hens and specialty feed products. Last year was a banner year to add new items to our farm. We added hops, barley, and tank raised freshwater game fish.

We try so many different projects because we like to share our experiences with others, but don’t like to give out misinformation so we have to try it first. In big business, they call this feasibility studies, but for us we call them learning opportunities. Our projects are never very large in scale, but if it works we add more in the years to come.

Trying a new project adds to the human experience; everyone starts out the same, naked and crying and sometimes we leave the world the same way, but the inbetween is the most exciting part because we have endless possibilities to learn, experience and develop skills. Doctors, lawyers, politicians, engineers, astronauts and farmers all start the same way and the only difference between each of them is opportunity and drive to better themselves. We can all learn something new and being a part of Ohio Farm Bureau has done just that for us through the Young Ag Professional Committee, AgriPOWER and our county board activities.

Our time with the Ohio Farm Bureau has made a large impact on our lives, opening many doors for us to get to where we are today. I believe because of our experiences and above afflictions allows us and and others to identify with Farm Bureau’s tag line of, “I am Farm Bureau.”

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