2015 Year in Review Part 1: Constructing a New Framework

New Membership Structure

County Farm Bureaus started rolling out the new membership model, which will enable Farm Bureau to engage more members, more member prospects and younger generations through different membership and engagement experiences.


Field Staff Restructuring

Connie Ward and Tim Hicks were both named business development field directors. The two new positions are designed to help county Farm Bureaus and organization directors be more successful in securing memberships, with an emphasis on group memberships, and in helping members take full advantage of Nationwide products. Ohio Farm Bureau’s field organization has been restructured into two supervisory regions.


Whether it’s offering quality benefits such as the new Caterpillar discount or providing helpful information about pipelines, CAUV or other issues, Ohio Farm Bureau has worked hard to give members access to knowledge, resources and opportunities.

Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation


The foundation was restructured to expand its endowment and annual support for scholarships and community programs. Three new staff members were added to help the foundation streamline charitable giving and create more opportunities to support county and state programming. During OFBF’s annual meeting, the foundation kicked off $15 million, five-year campaign and raised $40,000 during the meeting from pledges and the annual silent auction