Ag in the news Jan 18 – 22

Stay in the know with updates on food and farming topics in the news throughout each week with Ohio Farm Bureau senior director of corporate communications Joe Cornely.

Jan. 21

Plain Dealer writes about farmer efforts to improve water quality. (Worth a look, too, the online comments, which include suggestions farmers stop growing corn and stop using fertilizer.)

Money available for tornado safe rooms.

With only 2 percent of federal research dollars going into ag, private industry is filling the gap.

Jan. 20 

Landlords who know very little about farming? That’s most of them, according to this interesting analysis of USDA data. 

President vetoes bill to stop U.S. EPA overreach.

Will the same companies that make your TV make your farm equipment?  

Ohio getting USDA rural economic growth help. Ty Higgins of Ohio Ag Net reports.

Jan 19

Now 8 avian flu locations in Indiana.

Hops are hot, and OSU Extension wants to help farmers who might want to belly up

Organic producers see new checkoff rules.

Jan. 18

Latest on the Indiana avian flu outbreak.

Analysis of the current state of the farm economy paints a not too rosy picture.

Farm Bureau leaders talk about Congress standing up to U.S. EPA on WOTUS.