Equipment in the winter

Is your equipment ready for winter?

During the cold and snowy months, proper care and maintenance of your equipment is important. For newer, technology-driven machines, electronics are at a greater risk for damage. Here are some cold weather equipment tips from Caterpillar, Ohio Farm Bureau’s newest member savings partner.

Tips for a proper winter maintenance routine
It’s important to wash down equipment after every use to remove salt and dirt. Park your machine on wooden planks to prevent it from freezing to the ground. Salt is especially damaging, as it can corrode and rust the frame and other metal parts. Take these additional steps to keep your machine up and running during winter:

  • Top off fuel after every use to prevent freezing.
  • Check the air intake daily for snow and ice and remove all dirt from the tread so it does not freeze into the tires.
  • Use dry nitrogen gas to inflate flat tires to eliminate ice crystals, which can hold the valve stem open in the tire. You can find this at your local dealer.
  • All rubber parts, including hoses, tires, drive belts and electrical wiring should be inspected weekly for cracks and other damage.

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Published in the January/February 2016 issue of Buckeye Farm News.